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TagoTrader was invented and developed by Amir Arazi in the period of 2007 - Aug 2018.
All development process documents arranged in a very orderly manner, as a research project for a higher purpose.

Jan 2017 is where Amir came up with the AI idea which eventually (in Aug 2018) led him to the answer for the most important question in the entire trading system, then in this year his research project for the algorithm took a completely new turn, and he found himself running and managing couple of massive IT projects, all in rapid development processes for the AI algorithm to evolve as fast as possible.

Amir had to feed the system with a lot of development hours and real-time hybrid data worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in each of those two years (2017-2018).

The TagoTrader Framework and Softwares knowledge base, real-time recorded data & analysis contains more than 30TB of powerful and valuable information, which contains, among other things, a huge number of market situations, based on real positions.

The entire system was developed using real money positions, the system was not developed by back-testing nor by any traditional optimization methods, nothing in the system is based on demo trading nor on virtual results of any kind.

This means that each question, idea, method and any other algorithm in the system was developed based on real money positions in real markets, Everything was tested with real money and only after a real genuine confirmation, the research process progressed.

At no point did Amir agree to install a version of the software on a co-located server in a data-center anywhere, even though Amir have a lot of practical experience in the field - The attitude has always been that a powerful system is not the one that depends on the latest shout in computing, a smart algorithm and database design is much more important for a better overall performance than any tweaking on machine equipment or internet ping and bandwidth.
The TagoTrader Framework and Softwares is based on a trade cycles of millions of (mostly) USD dollars, meaning that even 100 milliseconds will not make it or break it.

The system can connect and work on any financial instrument which traded on an electronic exchange anywhere in the world and is available to the system through an API, including: Futures, Stocks, ETF's, Bonds, Forex and Crypto - providing huge financial management abilities to leverage and increase the managed capital value.

The system on real live capital runtime - only receives information through a very fast and secure TC (Thin-Channel) which is used as the first conduit to submit the real-time data throughout the entire TagoTrader system, while the system itself is not connected to the Internet at all, which will be clarified later on.

The main local server machine is running the TagoTrader Framework which enables the synchronized work of all the softwares together including all computers on the internal network or server farm, managed mainly by the TagoRT code syntax and less by user interface tools, and could run both on Linux and/or Windows based systems across the internal network.

The choice between running the software through a small local cross platforms computer network OR a bigger higher cost server farm, comes mainly for two reasons, either the capital and various financial markets and instruments amounts managed by the system, OR whether or not the system is set on "Action mode" or "Research mode".

In both modes (Action/Research), the system must obtain data by real capital market positions so that it can operate and advance its processes, otherwise it will not work - the fundamental premise of the entire system unites is that it cannot draw conclusions without introducing some capital to the market.

Technologies | Softwares

The TagoTrader softwares uses 6 in house technologies, each software can work completely independently (except TagoCB) to provide conclusions, answers and solutions in real time, plus all softwares can communicate with each other according to the Tago One-Step methodology that will be clarified further below.

In-House Technologies:

- Tago DB®
- Tago Random®
- Tago Position Matrix®
- Tago Virtual Exchange Simulator & Analyzer®
- Tago Encrypt®
- Tago Framework®

Technologies constitute exclusive intellectual property of Tago Trading & Investments Strategies LTD, an IT private company founded in 2009 by Amir Arazi.


- Tago RT Calculator.
- Tago CR (Calculator & Recorder).
- Tago RT Trader (TagoTrader).
- Tago RM (Risk Manager).
- Tago PM (Portfolio Manager).
- Tago CB (Cycle Builder).
- Tago LA (Liquidity Analyzer).